Montreal ranks third in Canada for traffic congestion

1161251Vancouver remains the Canadian city where traffic is most congested, followed by Toronto and Montreal, but for the first time in recent years, the situation seems very slowly improve.

The “TomTom Index” of congestion reveals that the time spent by drivers in their cars on average decreased for the first time since 2010. In Vancouver, drivers spent an average of four hours less in traffic traffic last year.

In Toronto, for cons, where time wasted in traffic is considerable, motorists have reduced their average waiting time of 11 hours. In Montreal, we saved an average of 30 minutes for a year. Both cities had not experienced declines since 2012.

TomTom believes that motorists in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver can spend a little more than five full days each year, on average, in their car because of congestion. The firm compares the travel time with a perfectly smooth flow.

Quebec has an additional travel time by 21 percent, while the least congested city in Canada is Calgary.

The navigation firm TomTom and mapping attributes these gains to investment in infrastructure and better traffic management in cities.

In Montreal, motorists spend 26 percent more time in their cars because of traffic jams, or 32 minutes per day on average, a drop of one percentage point compared to the previous year. The extra time spent in the car with the traffic is more important at night than in the morning average (57 percent against 47 percent).

According to the Index TomTom is back at home Thursday night which is the longest in most Canadian cities, with the exception of Edmonton, Quebec City, Hamilton and Calgary. The average rate of the congestion of the evening rush hour in Canada has still dropped 10 percentage points compared with that recorded a year earlier.

Globally, it is Mexico that topped with around 60 percent more time in his car on average, an increase of four points; after Bangkok and Istanbul. In these cities, the average time spent in the car to return home at night is almost doubled – as indeed in the morning in Mexico.

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