Montreal reward dance creation

alain-platel-grand-prix-danseAll the middle of the dance ended up in Montreal City Hall yesterday afternoon for the presentation of the 5th Prize of the Montreal dance. Prestigious awards that highlight the vitality and contributions of those who dance in the cultural metropolis of view.

The Grand Prix of the Montreal dance was presented to Belgian choreographer Alain Platel for its beautiful tauberbach show presented last May at the Festival TransAmériques (FTA). Self-taught dance, Platel, who presented several of his creations in Montreal, was very moved by this award, especially as it maintains a close link with the city for years. In accepting his award, the creator cited author Amélie Nothomb to remind “the need of the doubt in art.”

The Performer Award, presented by Lorraine Hébert, Executive Director of the Quebec dance combinations, went to Lucie Vigneault. The jury noted that the interpreter formed at UQAM, stood out during the 2014-2015 season in “three completely different worlds,” dancing for works signed Louise Bédard, Frédérick Gravel and Stéphane Gladyzewski.

Two new awards this year. The Discovery Award Agora de la Danse and Tangente, awarded to Aurélie Pedron, choreographer, video artist and performer, who presented the play between at Tangente. Then, the Prize for Cultural Diversity in Montreal dancing Arts Council went to Zab Maboungou / Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata; Artist Franco-Congolese origin founded his company, based in Montreal, in 1987. “The diversity does not kill, but it confirms our preconceived ideas,” said Ms. Maboungou, receiving the price.

Finally, the award for best choreographic work of last season, awarded by the CALQ, went to Melanie Demers Would presented at Usine C, in April 2015. “Mélanie Demers affirms a unique signature, strong, and directs the dancers carefully, leading them to a brilliant interpretation “, the jury said.

The winner Would stressed that was seen by only 379 spectators … at its creation.

She called on broadcasters for the dance performances are presented longer than two or three performances, and a larger dance by the media to attract the public coverage.

Or precisely, the Montreal Dance Awards were created five years ago, on the initiative of the choreographer Marie Chouinard, “to fill a gap in the promotion of dance in Quebec.”


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