Montreal teenager guilty of terrorism

pere-adolescent-accuseMontreal teenager has been convicted of two charges linked to terrorist activities against him on Thursday in the Youth Division of Montreal.

“This sad story is that of a young boy invaded by messages of violence, revenge and war issued by the Islamic State,” said Dominica Judge Wilhelmy concluded its lengthy judgment she patiently read the accused without a break for more than half past one this morning.

Originally from Algeria, the eldest of five children, he immigrated to Canada at the age of 4 years. These are his parents -inquiets radicalization of their son – who alerted authorities.

“By alerting the authorities, his parents probably saved his life,” she said.

He is the first Canadian to be convicted under the new provisions of the Act on the fight against terrorism adopted in 2013. Its identity bears a publication ban since it is minor.

The teenager was found guilty of wanting to leave Canada to participate in a terrorist group abroad activities or the Islamic State and of committing a robbery in association with the same terrorist organization.

15 years old at the time of the crimes, he is now 16. Sitting in the dock, the teenager did not flinch when the Wilhelmy judge pronounced his verdict.

“This case illustrates that the fight that is about to wage against radicalization will require not only the laws, but many strategic efforts, added the magistrate. Our youth is not immune to jihadist propaganda. ”

From 2012, the teenager began dating propaganda websites of the terrorist group Islamic State describing his vision of the war in Syria.

“Social media through which distributes propaganda also have their share of responsibility in this effort to shield our youth that I call” programmed radicalization “.,” Said the judge in his written judgment.

“How many other people read when I write these lines,” Inspire “magazine or” Lone Mujahid Pocket Book “(documents consulted by the accused on the Internet)? How many are lone wolves like Martin Couture-roll dream and how migration to the Islamic state as the accused? “Asked the judge.

In 2014, the teenager has maintained links via Twitter in particular, with a man named Sami El, an official Montrealers of aggression in Pierrefonds who went to wage jihad in Syria. The accused also exchanged with Martin Couture-Rouleau bomber in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

In October 2014, the teenager was arrested after committing a theft at knifepoint in a convenience store in Montreal. When questioned by police, the teenager will describe the fruits of his flight as “war booty” taken in “disbelievers” in a country “massacre his sisters and brothers” Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The young Montrealers quickly pleaded guilty to a charge of robbery. But two months later, the federal Crown will file charges against him of more serious terrorism. Then he will plead not guilty.

The accused wanted to use the stolen money to pay for a plane ticket to go do jihad in Syria.

His trial took place last September.

On leaving the courtroom, the prosecution -représentée by Marie-Ève ​​Moore – was keen to stress the courage of the family of the accused. The Crown asked the accused to undergo a psychological evaluation. In light of this assessment, it will then decide whether it recommends an adult sentence.

If he gets an adult sentence, the young Montrealer is liable to a penalty of life imprisonment. He must return to court in January for further proceedings.

His father and his lawyers left the courtroom without addressing the many media present

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