Moratorium on construction: a citizen of Deauville expresses his impatience

1170875What should homeowners struggling with undeveloped land that are subject to the moratorium on building in the borough of Rock Forest-Saint-Élie-Dauville? This is the question asked by the citizen Claude Veilleux, who owns a 3.5 acre lot at the corner of boulevard Bourque and Albert Dion way.

Recall that a moratorium related to the capacity of the treatment plants does not allow extension of sanitary sewers in some areas of this district in the west of the city.

“There is no way to be connected to the water and sewer system. We’re trying to sell, but buyers would be able to connect. And since 2003, it is no longer possible to have a septic field. My wife and I have 72 years. I understand that we can not do anything until 2027. We will not wait until then. I asked if it was possible to get on a list for the next moratorium lifted, but was told that was impossible, “Mr. Veilleux.

“Is this is a corner that is branded? This is our pension fund is there, but vegetate. It has beautiful grounds which are asleep, “he added.

The deputy director of the Urban Planning and Sustainable Development for the City of Sherbrooke, Michael Howard, confirms that the moratorium is still in place in Deauville but was partially lifted in Saint-Élie sector.

“In the case we are concerned, there are two options. The owner can connect to sanitary sewer services on the west side of the boulevard Bourque. But to get there, he must cross four lanes and the median. To do the work, we do not cut the road. We proceed by pressure under the tracks, so it’s pretty expensive, between $ 20,000 and $ 25,000 per property. It would be possible to do it now, “says Howard.

“The moratorium does not affect the streets already served, so it can connect to it.”

The other option, much less expensive, would be to await the extension of sewer and water services on the east side of the boulevard. But since it is an extension, the work is subject to the moratorium. “The moratorium does not affect the streets already served, so it can be connected to it. But until we build a new factory or that enhances the capacity of existing plants, you can not add new lines. ”

As for the 2027 years mentioned by Mr. Veilleux, this is the year where land considered “in reserve” for development should become available. “But the three fields in question are not affected. They are not spare area. ”

Furthermore, Michael Howard added that the future René-Lévesque Boulevard will not be subject to the moratorium since the buildings that will be built there will be connected to the main plant.

The communications department of the City of Sherbrooke, adding that lifting the moratorium is based on a very detailed analysis. The City is working to define all the possibilities to increase the possible number of connections. The Wastewater Master Plan, still scheduled for the end of 2016, is being developed and is intended to discuss with the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change for raising partially or completely the moratorium. It would demonstrate that treatment plants are more efficient than the stated assumption.

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