More doctors in clinics this fall

fmoq-travaille-actuellement-pour-definir(Quebec) Many people without a family doctor will be happy to hear that. The first steps to add doctors in clinics will be implemented in less than two months, on 1 September. These changes result from the agreement reached there a few weeks ago between the Minister Gaétan Barrette and the Quebec Federation of General Practitioners (FMOQ).

“I am convinced that we will see changes in the fall. The problems will not all be resolved. It has 1.5 million patients without a family doctor to take. We know that it is beginning to improve, “said, the Sun, the president of the FMOQ, Dr. Louis Godin.

“It is clear that we can hope to have doctors in places where they are lacking. It will not be next week. I do not make policy. In the medium term, in three years it will not be at all the same thing, “he argued.

Number of hours

The Federation recently revised with the Ministry of Health rules on the obligation of more family physicians to work a number of hours per week in hospitals. “From 1 September it will be possible to make these mandatory hours in clinics. It is thought that this change will bring more doctors to work more in practice and see more patients. It can be done quickly. It was the number one priority in the negotiations, “said Dr. Godin.

It does not set short-term about the arrival of medical graduates to address the shortage of doctors in clinics. “Ultimately, I would say yes. In fact, this happens, doctors at the hospital will probably leave early to go to work in their office. And I have new doctors are likely to replace them at the hospital. There is likely to also have new doctors who will work at the beginning of practice office, “said Dr. Godin.

“A doctor who works in a clinic, but must continue to work at the hospital, which was 10 or 15 years of practice, who wants to leave the hospital to dedicate himself to his office to us is very positive . These are doctors who are already in place, are already functional, have their offices, know how it works. They are able to give us more support as the young doctor who is in day one of practice, “he added.

Moreover, reallocations to clinics of family doctors currently practicing in establishments but must be approved in each region as needed. “We must be careful not to undress hospitals. You have to go gradually. We know that there is a potential, but the reality is different from one region to the other, “said Dr. Godin.

And more doctors from other regions, the Quebec City region itself likely will feature graduating in medicine at graduation next year. “There will be new billers [to the board of health insurance]. However it was not until 2016 promotion, “said Dr. Godin.

“It creates a large pool of new doctors, but we must direct them to the right place. Do not send just the hospital but in practice and in the right areas of the region of Quebec. There are territories in the region where there are more difficulties in terms of doctors, “he acknowledged.


The FMOQ is currently working to define a method of allocation of family physicians within a region, in addition to the distribution of physicians by region is in place for several years.

“In Chauveau, there were 45 doctors out there a few years. There remain 25 and the population has certainly not diminished. There is a problem. There was no mechanism to be more regional. We’re working on that. In early fall, you have everything ready. It is working hard on it this summer, “said Dr. Godin.

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