Moscow Kiev threatens missile strike in response to conduct exercises near Ukraine Crimea

rocketWarning response missile strike on the Russian side is contained in the letter of the Ministry of Defence. Russian Federation Ukraine threatens retaliation – source In the case of Ukraine’s missile launches in the area of ​​the Russian-Ukrainian border in the Crimea, Kiev Russia threatens retaliatory missile strike.

It follows from the letter of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation addressed to the military attaches at the Ukrainian Embassy in the Russian Federation. According ZN.UA sources in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, in a letter dated November 26, in particular, said that if Ukraine will hold a similar shooting, the Russian side, in the first place, will shoot down Ukrainian rocket. Secondly, retaliate by Ukrainian launchers. November 25 the Defense Ministry handed Ukrainian attaches a note of protest in connection with the plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to conduct missile firing near the Crimea.

In turn, the National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov said that the Ukraine has no plans to conduct missile tests in the Kerch Strait , which forms the border between Ukraine and Russia. On Wednesday, November 30, as it became known that Russia has deployed in Crimea air defense missile system VM-C300 . Volunteers InformNapalm intelligence community identified technology as anti-aircraft missile system S-300VM “Antey-2500”. This air defense system with the ability to counter ballistic missiles of small and medium-range (up to 2500 km). Also, the system is designed to defeat current and future aircraft tactical and strategic aircraft (including “stealth” technology made using), intermediate range ballistic missiles, tactical and tactical missiles, and cruise missiles aeroballistic.

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