Moscow wields economic weapon against Turkey

aviation-turque-abattu-mardi-presRussian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday asked his government to prepare for two days by a series of economic retaliation after “act of aggression” of Turkey who shot down on Tuesday a Russian bomber on the Syrian border while Moscow called on Russians currently in Turkey to “go.”

These measures concern both trade investments and the employment of labor, tourism, air transport or the cultural sphere, said the head of government during a cabinet meeting broadcast on television .

The Russians currently in Turkey must return to Russia, for its part demanded Thursday the Russian Foreign Ministry, citing “terrorists” risks.

“Due to the current terrorist threat in Turkey, we reiterate our call to Russian citizens to renounce visit Turkey and we recommend those who are there for personal reasons to return to their homeland,” said the Ministry in a statement.

The Prime Minister Medvedev urged the government “to implement a set of measures in the economic and cultural spheres, in reaction to the act of aggression”, Turkey.

“I propose that this be done within two days to move as quickly as possible the necessary procedures,” he said.

Without going into details, he suggested that joint projects could be suspended, the increased tariffs, the movements of the Turkish aircraft in Russian airspace limited as that of Turkish vessels in Russian territorial waters. The use of the hand of Turkish work in Russia could also be affected.

He cited possible restrictions on imports of Turkish food, while the Department of Agriculture announced on Thursday morning tighter controls, ostensibly for health reasons.

According to Medvedev, “agreements and investment projects will be frozen or simply abandoned,” he warned.

Turkish warplanes killed Tuesday near the Syrian border, a Russian Su-24 aircraft returning from a combat mission. Ankara says the aircraft was flying over its airspace and that he was warned “ten times in five minutes” while flying over Moscow ensures Syrian territory and was not warned before being touched.

One of the two pilots was killed from the ground as he descended by parachute, in Moscow. The second has regained its base after two rescue operations that have killed a Russian soldier.

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