Mr. Couillard “to pump alone,” said Maltais

depute-pequiste-agnes-maltais(Quebec) Philippe Couillard “to pump alone,” scoffs the PQ Agnès Maltais about the release of the Prime Minister against the proposed Quebec sovereignty.

“He would not talk about the economy, perhaps because his government is in trouble from that side, and he did not speak seriously of requests he has to do in Ottawa,” stated Monday after -Midi the Member for Taschereau on the sidelines of a parliamentary committee in the National Assembly.

“When he does not want to talk about something, he talks about sovereignty,” according to Ms. Maltais.

Sunday at a meeting of the youth wing of the Quebec Liberal Party, in Shawinigan, Philippe Couillard expressed its determination “to not let an inch sovereignists” in to hit back.

“Every time they’ll say something about the idyllic beauty of an independent Quebec, I will immediately point out to them that it must be accompanied by figures, it must be accompanied by arguments, it must be accompanied by credible proof. ”

Quebecers live “long years of economic and financial suffering and difficulties” in an independent Quebec, he has launched. “I have to remember it because when I listen to Mr. Péladeau, he only talks about that,” to make Quebec a country, he said.

On his Facebook page, the PQ leader, Pierre Karl Péladeau, said that “our Prime Minister hastens more to sell Canada in Quebec and defend the interests of his nation against Ottawa.”

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