MTQ: the contract of $ 3.3 million in private, an “aberration,” says Martine Ouellet

martine-ouellet-porte-parole-opposition(Quebec) Martine Ouellet, spokesman of the official opposition in transport, calls “aberration” that “the Liberals are going to charge people $ 3.3 million for a contract that may be made to internal “to the Department of Transport (MTQ).

The Sun wrote Monday that the MTQ appealed again to the private sector for its communications. A contract for $ 3.3 million over three years was awarded to LG2 for “various advertising campaigns and other communication activities.” In the electronic tendering system (GETS) of the Quebec government, it refers to “communications plan development services.”

“People of the Ministry are the most likely to make their communication plans,” said the PQ MP Vachon in a telephone interview. “We must stop giving the private and expertise to remove the MTQ,” she continued, drawing a parallel with the case of engineers.

Rapid Reaction

While a month was not enough to the MTQ and the Shared Services Centre of Quebec (CSPQ) to answer questions from the Sun, it took only a few hours after the publication of our article on Monday for a return of Appeal.

Bryan St Louis spokesman MTQ, argued in particular that will especially LG2 advertising on behalf of the Ministry. He attributed to a computer input error reference to communication plans.

“We went to see a company because it is beyond the expertise of MTQ,” insisted Mr. St-Louis. He was not able to say whether the tasks assigned to the subcontractor have already been performed externally.

The Sun requested a copy of the call for tenders who chaired the selection of LG2 to judge for itself the order, but had still not received a reply later in the day.

The MTQ has also indicated that each mandate achieved within the maximum budget of $ 3.3 million will be approved by the Assistant Deputy Minister for Transport and Secretary to Government Communications.

Although it is openness to the private for the realization of advertisements, Martine Ouellet insists that the MTQ’s advertising guidelines are decided internally, as are the communication plans. She said officials are best placed to identify issues requiring more specialized interventions.

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