Muclair “the NDP has solved the mystery of Quebec”

thomas-mulcair-indique-quil-voulait(Quebec) A few hundred people greeted as a savior leader Thomas Mulcair in Quebec City on Friday night, then had held the first official NDP rally in the capital since that of Jack Layton in 2011.

“The NDP has solved the mystery of Quebec,” Mr. Mulcair launched to an enthusiastic crowd, referring to the gains made by the NDP in the last election in the region. He adds want to “complete the work” 19 October, by this time broke the orange wave of Lévis, the Beauce and the entire region of Chaudière-Appalaches.

Thomas Mulcair has also mentioned more than once the South Shore of Quebec in his speech about twenty minutes, including launching the Conservative incumbent in the Bellechasse-Etchemin Lévis, Steven Blaney: “Bye-bye ! It’s time for change! “Which earned him loud cheers.

Note that the term “change” in the heart of the speech of Mr. Mulcair, reacted every time the attentive audience gathered at Concorde, even reserving several ovations at NDP leader.

Another tip that launched the outgoing Conservative MP for Beauce, including publicity recently much talk. “This is not the jingle Maxime Bernier going to stop us!”

And attacks against the Conservatives do not stop there. “This is Stephen Harper who is responsible for mismanagement at the Port of Quebec. These are his friends, his donors he has appointed to the Board. The same method was applied Harper to the Senate, and have seen what it has given. ”

Moreover, Thomas Mulcair announced that it will adopt, once elected, the Denis Blanchette bill to force CN to paint the Quebec bridge. “We have the courage to stand up for the people of Québec and Lévis … And one is able to paint a bridge, the Conservatives have been unable to do! […] Well, Stephen! Where’s your can of paint? ”

The NDP leader was joined Friday’s all NDP candidates in the greater Quebec City area, starting with the outgoing MP for the riding of Quebec, Annick Papillon.

Nod to the region he courted Friday evening, walkabout Thomas Mulcair late rally was performed on the song Love Karim Ouellet, an artist from Quebec.

Interviews with Labeaume

Earlier in the day, Thomas Mulcair visited city hall in Quebec City for a meeting with Régis Labeaume. Both men refrained from comment on the content of the discussion. “Excellent meeting with Mayor Labeaume. With the NDP Quebec City will be a reliable partner with a long-term NDP government “was content to launch the NDP leader.

Also passing through the town hall, the Bloc Quebecois leader did not fail to point out that this meant not only with the mayor on all expensive folders to the National Capital, but “perfectly” on the niqab and face out to vote.

On leaving the meeting with Régis Labeaume, Gilles Duceppe fired an arrow against conservatives who have contributed, he said, that the 4% rise in public investments made in 2014 in the region. For this reason, he stressed, that it needs a Bloc representation in Ottawa. “For four years, all we hear is a murmur orange, shy,” he has said, this time attacking the majority NDP troops in the National Capital.

The Bloc leader however has not progressed to say how many seats it could win in Quebec, merely to assert that it could now be shopping in “three or four” in some constituencies. Gilles Duceppe is forbidden to have the beautiful game it supported all requests from the mayor Labeaume because it is confined to the opposition.

He recalled that in the case of the expansion of the Port of Quebec, the party claimed that the public hearings on Environment Office conducts its assessment to measure environmental impacts. As for the Quebec Bridge, he thought it must be repainted and that the federal government must redeem it. “Eventually, we’ll see who is responsible for what and who écopera of the bill.”

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