Mulcair ready to accompany Trudeau at the Paris conference

thomas-mulcair-tout-fait-dispose(Ottawa) NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair is quite willing to accompany the prime minister appointed Justin Trudeau, who wants to lead a Canadian delegation to the Paris conference on climate change to be held from November 30 to December 11.

A spokesman for Mr. Mulcair, George Smith, told La Presse that Mr. Mulcair will the Canadian delegation for the invitation of Mr. Trudeau is confirmed.

“We have not yet received a formal invitation. But if the invitation is confirmed, Mulcair will go to the Paris Conference, “said Mr. Smith.

The Green Party leader Elizabeth May has also confirmed its intention to act on the invitation of Prime Minister-designate to take part in the deliberations of this important conference organized under the auspices of the United Nations.

Mr. Trudeau and Ms. May have also maintained about it last week, after the Liberal victory in the federal election, said Julian Morelli, director of communications for Ms. May.

Desiring to break with the era of the Conservative government of Stephen Harper, Mr. Trudeau promised to lead a Canadian delegation to Paris which would include the premiers, aboriginal leaders, representatives of environmental groups as well as the leaders of the parties the opposition.

“Even if we are not able to confirm the exact details, Mr. Trudeau is committed to adopt a much more open and inclusive approach in its governance. This approach is reflected in our willingness to include the premiers, aboriginal leaders and others at the Paris Conference, “said Dan Lauzon, spokesperson for the Liberal Party.

The premiers of all provinces that will not be an election this fall have agreed to support Mr. Trudeau, said reports that circulated last week.

Conservative Party

For now, it is unclear whether the interim leader of the Conservative Party will agree to be part of this delegation. The Conservative caucus will meet in Ottawa November 5th, 24 hours after the unveiling of the cabinet Justin Trudeau to elect an interim leader. At least four Conservative MPs were re-elected on October 19 – the former ministers Diane Finley (Public Works), Rob Nichoslon (Foreign Affairs), Erin O’Toole (Veterans) and Candice Bergen (Minister of State for Social Development) – indicated that they engage in the race to be interim leader of the party.

The former Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Denis Lebel also juggles the possibility to run for the position for the interim, but he has not made a decision yet, says one in conservative ranks. “If he decides to run in this race, he will have the support of the Quebec caucus,” they say. The last federal election, the Conservative Party has 12 MPs elected in Quebec, seven more than in 2011 elections.

The Paris conference is seen by many as the last appointment that offers the international community to tackle head-on the problem of climate change.

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  • Debra Smith

    Inclusive government? He invites a party leader which has one seat (appropriately) but not Mulcair over a personality clash.

    Welcome to the SAME OLE SAME OLE. Politics of Kennedy for Canada? Where is Marilyn?

    • Lana Helene Jamieson

      The article only states that he issued an informal invitation towards all the party leaders, not just Ms.May as you misunderstood. The official invites will likely be issued after the swearing in. He has also informally invited all provincial premiers.

      • Debra Smith

        Thank you Lana for your clarification. Are you honestly indicating that you are unaware of Trudeau’s stance on Mulcair?