Mulcair wanted to privatize Orford, according to former colleagues

apres-avoir-ete-informe-commentaires(Quebec) Former colleagues of Thomas Mulcair in the Charest government retained a deep resentment towards the leader of the NDP, which is leading the polls in Quebec. They startled to read in his autobiography that he was “in principle” always opposed the privatization of the park Mont-Orford, a controversy that had shaken the Charest government in 2006.

Joined by La Presse this week, the former minister Monique Gagnon-Tremblay said he had a clear memory of this discussion which had deeply divided the region. “This case had dragged enormously, Prime Minister [Charest] had entrusted to me. I contacted Tom [Mulcair] to know how to get there, I followed his advice, have intervened with the locals. Once the solution found, Mulcair has done the opposite. It’s been for me a very bad experience! “Recalls the former MP for St. Francis.

For her, it was clear that Thomas Mulcair was the favorable origin “that the mountain passes to the private.” She remembers far refused to comment on this period and his relationship with Mr. Mulcair. “I refused and told all the journalists that if I had to, my comments would not be favorable,” she explains.

Then a member of the Council of Ministers, Pierre Reid, Member for Orford always, corroborates those memories. At the beginning of this debate, “Tom was trying to convince us that we should sell,” to entrust Mr. Reid, reluctant to answer questions from the Press “We were not convinced, but had finally said.: it is he, the minister, “says Reid. The about-face of Mr. Mulcair had also wince another colleague Line Beauchamp, who had observed, in caucus, the contradictions of the Minister of the Environment, said another source.

Mulcair defends

Twenty-four hours after being informed of these statements, Mr. Mulcair did send a statement by his press secretary. “The outlandish and false accusations. The facts have long been known and the media have covered this issue in great length. Mr. Mulcair left the Cabinet because he opposed private development in the Mount Orford Park against the will of the Prime Minister’s Office and Mr. Reid. To suggest otherwise ten years later is absurd. “An adviser to Mr. Mulcair adds, saying it is strange that” provincial Liberals associated with PLC garrochent we leg it ten years later. ”

Thomas Mulcair says he resigned because of Mont Orford – at the time, he also mentioned the aims of the Vaillancourt administration on wetlands in Laval. However, for contemporary witnesses, many other factors played in the decision to demote Jean Charest his fiery environment minister. The latter was at loggerheads with several colleagues, recalls one close to Mr. Charest, now retired from politics completely.

Last weekend, Jean Charest, in a discussion with supporters of Sherbrooke, recalled that Tom Mulcair had “disrespected” Ms. Gagnon-Tremblay in the treatment of this issue.

Former ministers and advisers of Mr. Charest at the time remember that in a ministerial committee, Mulcair had harshly attacked Ms. Gagnon-Tremblay, to the point that she had burst into tears. But Jean Charest has always ensured that Ms. Gagnon-Tremblay is satisfied with his role within his government. After the 1993 debacle conservative, MPP for St. Francis had given strong support to the Conservative member for Sherbrooke.

In the excitement of exchanges around the Mont-Orford park, in this ministerial committee, “he questioned the integrity of Ms. Gagnon-Tremblay. This is the straw that broke the camel that triggered his demotion from the Cabinet, “explained a former minister Mr. Charest as well as a counselor at the time.

“Mr. Mulcair had missed me respect, and the next day, Jean Charest had summoned him to his office and had announced that he was leaving his ministry “has merely emphasized Ms. Gagnon-Tremblay, who refused discuss the content of the exchange.

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