Municipal Commission called in reinforcement in Magog

magog-vicky-may-hammThe City of Magog will appeal to the Quebec Municipal Commission to resolve the crisis in recent months at City Hall. The council members hope that calm will return after the mediation exercise to be undertaken.

Mayor of Magog, Vicki May Hamm had initially refused to participate in a mediation exercise conducted by the Municipal Board. But she changed her mind, according to what La Tribune has learned.

“I was afraid whether mediation as we usually see in business, says Ms. Hamm. I did not want us to go to that kind of process because it should already go to mediation to the Labour Standards Commission with the Director General of the City, Armand Comeau. It is important not to prejudice the conduct of this alternative approach. ”

Mayor of Magog now considers that the proposed Municipal Commission approach is “complementary” to that which will involve the Labour Standards Commission. “We must try everything that the problem is solved,” says Ms. Hamm.

Recall that Armand Comeau filed a complaint before the Labour Standards Commission. He claims to have been harassed by his employer.

The Director General of the City of Magog is not his first complaint to the Labour Standards Commission. At the time he was working at Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot as CEO, he had also requested the organization to address the situation.

Earlier this year, Mr. Comeau was suspended with pay for a period of over a month. However, it was reinstated after an investigation found that the allegations made by the complainants were “unfounded”.

Vicki May Hamm says the Quebec Municipal Commission will strive to “to reduce tensions and improve the working environment.” We especially know that the Mayor and the Director General of the municipality have strained relations. Palpable tensions have also emerged among members of the City Council since the suspension imposed on Armand Comeau.

The decision about starting a company in mediating the Quebec Municipal Commission will normally be announced Monday night during the public meeting of council.

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