Murder Hinchinbrooke: the mystery plane

perimetre-securite-surete-quebec-entouraitWho killed Samantha Higgins? More than 48 hours after the discovery of the dismembered body of the young woman in Hinchinbrooke, Montérégie, the police remain very discreet about the progress of the investigation.

So the mystery remains unsolved as to the identity of the author or authors of the crime. Thus, the Sûreté du Québec, in charge of the investigation, refused to confirm whether a suspect or suspects have been identified.

Vanessa Higgins, the mother of the victim, did not speak to investigators on Saturday and it was unclear whether breakthroughs had been made.

On Saturday was trying for the whole family. “I do not know if I hold out. I do not feel alive, “said Vanessa Higgins, mother of the victim.

In his confusion, Higgins is trying to remain strong for the two children of his daughter. She also asked for help to the citizens of LaSalle, praying to remove all Samantha wanted poster that had been displayed since the disappearance of the latter on the night of 6 to 7 July.

“His 4 year old daughter does not need to see the face of his mother everywhere,” she sighed. In addition to her baby 3 months, Samantha was also a little girl who will experience a sad fourth anniversary well next Wednesday.

The aunt of the victim, Laurie McKernan, launched a campaign to raise funds for children of the victim on the site Gofundme. Saturday night, $ 1,715 had been raised.

An enigmatic disappearance

Vanessa Higgins knows no enemy to his daughter. Samantha took care of her children and was recently engaged to the man who shared his life for seven years.

The evening of July 6, Samantha Higgins spent the evening at a friend who lived 10 minutes from her home in the borough of LaSalle, Montreal. 10 about 1 am, she called her boyfriend to tell him she would return soon, according to the CBC. She left a few moments later. This is the last time he was seen alive.

According to CTV, Samantha would have sent a text message to friends to say she was well back. The family, however, believes that another person would have used Samantha’s phone to send that message.

Three days after the disappearance of the young woman, her body was found on Thursday, 60 kilometers from her home near the Canada-US border. The mutilated corpse was placed in a bag under a bridge. This is an employee of a dairy farm that was discovered.

Many people were mobilized to try to trace the young woman. Battered had also been organized in the Angrignon park and the surroundings of Newman Boulevard in LaSalle. Friday, a candlelight vigil was held in the district near the boulevard Newman where the young woman had disappeared.

Sergeant Claude Denis, spokesman for the Surete du Quebec, was not able to confirm whether the research had continued to Hinchinbrooke Saturday to find clues to where the body was found. “All we can say is that the investigation continues,” said he said.

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