Murder in Quebec: free crime appearances

homme-82-ans-femme-76(Quebec) Murder and attempted murder occurred Sunday night in a housing of Saint-Sauveur area, Quebec, have all the appearance of a free crime committed by a resident of the housing cooperative reaches psychological disorders.

Investigators from the Quebec City police were still there Monday morning to interview witnesses. The French Aracil Joachim, 82, died Sunday night after being stabbed in an apartment he occupied while on holiday in the capital. His wife Arlette Aracil, 76, was also assaulted and was taken to hospital for serious injuries, but there is no fear for his life.

The Quebec police would not establish the exact link between the occupant of the apartment (which was not there during the crime), and torque. “They were in the apartment of an acquaintance of the family,” said Pierre Poirier, spokesperson of the Quebec police.


During the passage of the sun, early Monday morning, several neighbors were still in shock and did not sleep much during the night. The scene took place in their common backyard, so that from their balconies, many have seen or heard what was happening.

Towards 20h, the suspect walked into the courtyard and “seemed to wander,” said a neighbor, who wishes to remain anonymous. The victim would exit to the balcony and would have questioned. At that time, there would have been screams and the suspect would be mounted directly in the 3rd floor apartment.

A neighbor, who also asked to remain anonymous, said he heard screaming in fear. “I started to run up the stairs to see what was happening, and when I arrived, I saw that he was the man to beat,” he says.

In crisis

The neighbor intervened and grabbed the suspect, who seemed in crisis. He managed to get him out of the apartment before calling 911. The neighbor then returned to housing, low blood stained. At this time, the octogenarian had collapsed to the ground. “I saw him die!”, He says helplessly. He therefore held to put pressure on the wound to the neck of the lady, who was still alive. “I managed to hold until the arrival of police and paramedics,” he explains.

According to the neighbor, “there was no link” between the suspect and victims. The French couple had arrived only a few days in the cooperative.

The suspect was arrested a few minutes later in the backyard of the building. He was questioned overnight and is scheduled to appear in the afternoon at the Quebec City courthouse on charges of murder and attempted murder.

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