Murder of a student: police search a property in Truro

studentInvestigators trying to solve the murder of a student in physics from Dalhousie University in Halifax, are now focusing their efforts on a property of Truro, in the north of Nova Scotia, authorities announced Saturday.

According to the police, this property is located near the corner of Marshland is searched under the search warrant used by the agents since Tuesday.

She said that the police would carry out research in the Truro area of 8 h to 20 h this weekend.

Thursday night, investigators had discovered an unknown number of objects “representing a potential interest” to the investigation in Lower Truro.

The forces of law and order have not wanted to provide information about these items, simply saying that they were currently examined.

They have indicated that according to the preliminary analyses of the investigators, the objects would be linked to the death of Taylor Samson, 22-year-old, whose body has not been recovered.

William Michael Sandeson, a member of the university team athletics track that was about to begin his studies at the school of medicine of Dalhousie University, has been accused of first-degree murder four days after the disappearance of Mr. Samson had been reported on 16 August.

According to the Web site of the university, Sandeson is a native of Truro.

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