Murder of his wife in 2004 he pleaded guilty to a reduced charge

jean-philippe-mailhot-plaide-coupableJean-Philippe Mailhot went to the Supreme Court to revise that his conviction for the murder of his wife, which occurred in October 2004. It has got to be tried again, but will not. He pleaded guilty yesterday to a reduced charge of manslaughter. He will know his sentence later, obviously in spring.

The victim, Anna-Maria Salinas-Norbakk, was stabbed 34 times with a medieval knife on the night of October 13th, 2004, she occupied in housing with Mailhot in Montreal North. A native of Chile, the 26 year old woman had arrived in Quebec a few months earlier, in May to live with the man 22 years. The couple had known the year before, virtually, playing role-playing games on the internet. In their phantasmagorical world, it was called Lucirina Songbird and he Élohar. They were married for real, in August 2004, in Montreal, two months before the tragedy.

The fateful night, Mailhot called police, saying he found his wife dead in housing. He had made up the scene to make it appear she had been killed by robbers in his absence. But the scene and the state of Mailhot, who had blood on him, told a different story.

Other version

At his trial, Mr. Mailhot changed his story, saying that it is his wife, depressed, who had asked him to help her finish. She had tucked a knife in the neck, and had completed his 33 other shots to end suffering, he said. The jury found him guilty of unpremeditated murder. Mr. Mailhot has appealed, but the Court of Appeal rendered a split decision. Believing that the trial judge, Jean-Guy Boilard, gave his opinion to the jury, one of three judges of the Court of Appeal would have ordered a new trial.

Mailhot pushed his case to the Supreme Court, where he had won.

It is noteworthy that during the first trial, the writings of the victim, from before his arrival in the country, were in evidence. This trusted among others confessed his depression and find comfort in self-harm.


Mr. Mailhot was often released during the proceedings, and he always respected its conditions. He currently works.

There was no summary of the facts yesterday and representations on sentence were postponed to March 18. Ms. Geneviève Dagenais, of the Crown, and Mr. Pierre Teasdale, in defense, will not have a common suggestion, they have argued in Judge André Vincent. The Crown asked that Mr. Mailhot be imprisoned.

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