Murder trial aborted: the jury was unable to agree

leslie-greenwoodThe trial of Leslie Greenwood, tried for a double murder, was aborted Wednesday morning in Montreal. The jury was unable to agree on unanimous verdicts, even after attempting.

The judge Sophie Bourque was forced to cancel the trial, which was on track for nearly three months. It will resume the trial before a different jury.

Mr. Greenwood, a resident of Nova Scotia aged 45, was charged with two premeditated murder and conspiracy to murder. The victims, Kirk Murray and Antonio Onesi, were shot in the parking lot of a McDonald’s, Notre-Dame-de-Grace, the evening of January 24, 2010. Mr. Greenwood acted as a driver to transport the Simpson brothers (Robert and Timothy, the performers. It was Robert who shot Simpson. Simpson Both brothers have pleaded guilty, were sentenced to life in prison, and have become informers. They testified against Greenwood at his trial. The jury deliberated since last Friday .

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