National Assembly: chicane partisan about partisanship …!

partis-entendent-pour-restaurer-peu(Quebec) The “hot room” of the National Assembly was the scene of an unlikely partisan quarrel this morning on how best to fight … partisanship in the Blue Room.

While all parties agree on the need to restore a little order during question period, the new PQ leader Bernard Drainville announced its intention to file a motion on the subject next week.

Extremely rare, the government leader, Jean-Marc Fournier, joined unexpectedly at the press briefing leader to highlight his support for the initiative. This welcoming Mr. Drainville has still slipped his Liberal colleague had just “kidnap” his press briefing.

Bonnardel bad hair

Upon their departure, the leader caquiste François Bonnardel, bad hair, broke into the small press room to denounce the behavior of the PQ and Liberal. “We want to end a circus, but now we just had a whole issue on the part of my parliamentary colleagues from the government and leaders of the PQ” has pestered Mr. Bonnardel.

According to him, there is no need to pass a motion to end the sterile applause in the House or to begin work on time. Starting next Tuesday, the MPs will abstain caquistes applauding, said Mr. Bonnardel, recalling that he had heckled the president of the National Assembly by a letter on the subject.

“If there is a motion, we will support it, but we did not need that to tell Quebecers that will stop the cynicism and we will stop applauding,” said Mr. Bonnardel, Referring to the “crass partisanship” of the question period. “It’s childish all this,” he dropped to the place of his political opponents.

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