NDP in Quebec: the “real test” after the Orange wave

annick-papillon-ajoute-sa-voix(Quebec) Four years after the “orange wave” that swept the capital, the NDP Annick Papillon starts his second campaign with another hat of unknown in 2011, it now looks with a record of MP to defend.

“I did everything myself in 2011. I put up signs. Now I have dozens of volunteers. But it is also the real test is coming, “says the outgoing member for Québec, propelled on the benches of the House of Commons in May 2011.

“In 2011, during the first two weeks of campaigning, I was working. He had to continue paying the rent, “she illustrates.

Orange wave “effect Layton” Annick Papillon is well aware. Like his colleagues in the NDP that swept the five districts of Quebec in the last election, she feels that 19 October is a real judgment on it as a politician, now that she has a record to defend.

“On October 19 evening, I’ll know. Make-or-break. This will be the decisive moment. People will decide my fate. I know nothing is. And that’s it, the political game. That’s democracy. ”

Another difference with the 2011 campaign: an NDP government this time truly feasible, according to Annick Papillon. An Ekos poll released Friday put the NDP ahead in the polls in the country.

“Perhaps this is the campaign that will show the world the election of a leftist government. Everything is possible. We must give a chance to something bigger, “she has said, referring in particular to the election of an NDP government in Alberta in May.

“We are very enthusiastic and they fight for the big test. Thomas [Mulcair] is fighting to be Prime Minister. ”

Long campaign

Despite the enthusiasm, Annick Papillon has added his voice to those who denounce the outbreak of such a hasty campaign, long and expensive.

“I admit that until the last minute, I thought it was not possible, that Stephen Harper would perhaps decline. He would not trigger as soon as people are so angry. At the same time, knowing Mr. Harper … “she has dropped.

The NDP is concerned that a 78-day campaign uninterested voters. “I walked on Rue Saint-Jean and people would say,” Oh no, not a campaign already! ‘”She recounts.

All the more reason, believes the candidate, to save energy and ammunition. Do not over use the citizen. “The way I see it is not sprinting at first.” The length of the campaign also plays on the strategy and, above all, money, the sinews of war.

For example, the act of paying double rent for a campaign office, shows Ms. Papillon.

“This is something to review in light of further delays. Our strategy changes a bit, “she admits. “But we’ll go at our own pace to rush to do anything.”

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