NDP: television discomfort for a candidate

ndpWhen he made the leap into politics, this summer, Pierre Chicoine knew he was going to get out of his comfort zone.

“It finally happened sooner than later,” says Chicoine, the NDP candidate in the riding of La Prairie, in a telephone interview yesterday.

The reason: a debate broadcast on regional television the South Shore, in which the questions asked by the facilitator did freeze Chicoine candidate like a deer in the headlights of a car. Hesitantly, the politician has fumbled, letting long seconds before opening his mouth.

Joined yesterday, the applicant explained that the stress of being on television made him lose his means. “It was my first experience on TV and I froze, simply. I’m a shy person, and I knew I would have to live in times of stress. I learned the hard way … ”

An unflattering video editing hesitations and blunders that occurred during the debate that took place earlier this month, ended up on YouTube Sunday and quickly spread on social networks.

Following a question about the metropolitan access strategy bridges the South Shore, we can see Mr. Chicoine hesitate before saying, “You can understand that this is the most used bridge in Canada.” He then mumbled before asking, “Can you repeat the question?”

At the end of the debate, the candidate went to a prepared formula y. “I conclude by telling you, uh … in Ottawa, a Chicoine is good, but two, it would be much better.” The candidate is the brother of Sylvain Chicoine, NDP MP for Châteauguay-Saint-Constant.

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