Nearly 2,000 refugees arrive in Montreal during the week

plus-1700-refugies-syriens-arrivesNearly 2,000 new Syrian refugees are expected to arrive in Montreal during the week, the Quebec government announced Sunday.

Six planes carrying Syrian refugees are met at the airport Pierre-Elliott Trudeau Montreal between 28 and 31 December, a statement of the Deputy Minister of Public Safety, Pierre Moreau, and the Minister of Immigration, Kathleen Weil.

Each plane will carry about 300 people from Lebanon or Jordan. The refugees will travel aboard charter aircraft coordinated by the federal government.

Most of these refugees are sponsored by relatives or organizations, says one. A hundred refugees supported by the state could also happen in Quebec by the end of the year.

The Government points out that a number of refugees who land at Montreal will be in transit before being redirected to their home province.

After clearing customs and have submitted to the security measures of the federal government, the refugees will be directed to the Welcome Centre, where they will be greeted by various government officials.

More than 1,700 Syrian refugees have already arrived in Quebec since the beginning of the year, the total of 3650 that the government would like in 2015. It plans to host the same number in 2016.

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