Negos: teachers CSQ earnings amounted to 60 million

1105424(Quebec) There will be one student per class in kindergarten least 5 years from the next school year, under the tentative agreement reached between the government and the unions Couillard Federation of Teachers (FSE-CSQ). The union figure all its gains about 60 million per year.

The envelope support to the class composition, intended to promote the integration of students with disabilities and learning difficulties, will increase by 50%. When it was announced in 2010, it was $ 20 million.

Some 400 teaching positions will be created full time in vocational training and adult education. All six sick days become marketable.

Couillard The government also abandoned its requests to increase the size of the groups and the working week for teachers. The ratios are finally maintained at all levels of primary and secondary. The schedule of 32 hours of school attendance remains.

“We have managed to reduce the government but above all, we managed to make gains,” said the president of the FSE-CSQ, Josee Scalabrini, at a press conference Tuesday. The day before, the delegates of the union endorsed the draft agreement in principle reached at the sectoral table, where we negotiate working conditions, not wages.

Ms. Scalabrini was initially reluctant to quantify the gains realized on the sectoral table, but the organization has since provided details.

The 60 million obtained have nothing to do with the 80 million announced by the Government Couillard in late November. Remember that this announcement represents the addition of 600 teaching positions full time and 200 professionals, as well as the creation of 72 kindergarten classes 4 years.

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