Negos with nurses: early settlement sought

semblerait-president-conseil-tresor-martin(Quebec) The chief government negotiator Couillard Maurice Charlebois, quietly met on Monday, the president of the Interprofessional Health Federation of Quebec, Régine Laurent, The Sun has learned.

The Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, allegedly participated in the interview. One topic on the menu: negotiations in the public and parapublic sectors.

The time of the maneuvers he arrived? Do we begin to get serious? The fact is that Maurice Charlebois and other government officials, on one side, and the representative of Nurses of Quebec, on the other, discussed over an hour of tracks that could advance negotiations with This group of health sector employees, according to our information.

The government would get a “quick settlement with the nurses,” says a representative of the sun. Hence the desire of the government negotiator met Régine Laurent.

This meeting was not to be rumored, it seems. Neither party also wanted to confirm the meeting.

Enhanced offer?

In the absence of official explanations, observers must rely on assumptions circulating for some time in the pharmacies of negotiating parties.

They suggest that, despite its denials, the President of the Treasury Board, Martin Coiteux, seek to offer more nurses than it has put on the table so far. It could be the same way with the teachers.

The strong man of the government of Philippe Couillard would under the “salary relativity,” according to some. By this concept, he explained wanting to improve the wages of employees who are not currently remunerated at the level they should be.

A risk for trade union unity

Maurice Charlebois was appointed government negotiator in September 2014 by the Council of Ministers Couillard government. He is considered an expert in labor relations.

Interprofessional Federation of the Quebec health is not part of the general trade union front made for this round of bargaining. But his wage demands are the same as those of the alliance. All unions are demanding 4.5% increase per year for three years.

Tenders submitted at the end of last year by the President of the Treasury Board based on a wage freeze for the first two years of the next contract of employment of all employees of the Quebec government, as well as increases of 1% year for the following three. Martin Coiteux also intends to increase the normal age of retirement from 60 to 62 years.

A settlement with one or other of the parties would be likely to undermine trade union unity, can we analyze.

On the so-called “sectoral” – own employees it represents – the Interprofessional Federation of the Quebec health requires a reduction in the workload of its members, reducing job insecurity, as well as bonus “working conditions, especially for greater attraction-retention”.

Employment contracts in the public and parapublic sectors are past due by 31 March.

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