Nemaska ​​Lithium: announces a promising but incomplete

richard-garneau-president-chef-direction(SHAWINIGAN) Nemaska ​​Lithium has indeed confirmed its presence on the site of the former paper Laurentide Tuesday afternoon, but it will take a few weeks to know the cost of acquisition of this large property by the Development Corporation Shawinigan. When important announcement, no minister of the provincial government had moved to clarify financial support via the Fund Resolved.

In fact, from the point of view of Quebec, the case remains under analysis. The Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change, Stephanie Lemieux, head of communications, said that the filing of the complete characterization study on the property of the former paper mill is finally not expected before the autumn, for “technical reasons”.

But without the seal of MDDELCC, impossible for the government to participate in yesterday’s announcement. The MNA for Laviolette, Julie Boulet, still had moved for the occasion, but did not speak. His colleague from Saint-Maurice, Pierre Giguère, was also present.

The mayor, Michel Angers, confirms however that the Shawinigan Development Corporation will acquire not only industrial property but also the Forman Park and Landfill Harmony Park, close to Grandes-Piles .

In its statement, Nemaska ​​Lithium advance signing an “agreement in principle” with the City of Shawinigan for the acquisition of part of the old factory Laurentide. The Quebec-based company will become the owner on January 1, but it could use the buildings required for its phase 1, the former machine shop, from 1 October.

“The construction will stretch over ten months, more than two months for the start,” says Guy Bourassa, President and CEO of Nemaska ​​Lithium. “Jobs will be created from the summer of 2016 for the factory of phase 1. The commercial plant construction is scheduled for late 2016.”

Mr. Bourassa is expected to appear production hydroxide and lithium carbonate of very high purity somewhere in the first quarter of 2018. These items used in the production of batteries for smart phones, tablets and electric vehicles .

Twenty jobs are planned for phase 1 and a hundred other for the shopping complex, which will replace the old paper machine No. 11. Currently, Nemaska ​​Lithium employs ten people at its head office in Quebec.

Mr. Bourassa could not specify the investment required for the project provided for Shawinigan. The latest estimates dating back to 2014 and focused on setting up in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, where the pilot project and hydrometallurgy plant were initially expected. In total, there was talk of a $ 521 million project, including $ 200 million in Whabouchi deposit and over $ 300 million for new construction, which will be no longer necessary with the site integration Laurentide.

“We are confident that we will have an economy in relation to what we wanted to do in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, but we have not quantified,” says the CEO.

Upcoming confirmation

The Quebec government should confirm later in the fall of his participation via the Fund Resolved, essential for the acquisition of the Laurentide plant and the arrival of Nemaska ​​Lithium Shawinigan. This would be funding one million dollars, which will cover half the cost of acquisition of $ two million.

The other part should be financed by the sale of buildings in Nemaska ​​Lithium, besides the development potential of the rest of Industrial Property and the attraction of the Harmony site, which already has the MDDELCC authorization certificates.

“I can assure you that the City of Shawinigan and Development Corporation come out very much winning this transaction,” predicts Mr. Angers.

Mr. Bourassa believes not only that the site will launch Shawinigan industrial operations Nemaska ​​Lithium, but survive to the operation of the Whabouchi mine main property of the company which obtained the environmental certificate of approval of the government Quebec recently as last Friday, after getting one in Ottawa in late July.

“The strategic location with the presence of the railway and near the Port of Trois-Rivières, that the plant will survive the exhaustion of reserves Whabouchi mine,” he believes. “We will receive, by ship or rail, the spodumene concentrate, wherever it is produced in the world.”

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