New chapter of an unlikely friendship

quebecoise-genevieve-demers-pas-vraiment(Quebec) as it did in Montreal, Quebec’s Genevieve Demers Slovak Kristina Kucova will accompany the US Open in two weeks. New chapter of an unlikely friendship.

Demers was a sensation during the Rogers Cup. The crowd favorite, Eugenie Bouchard, then faced an unknown player qualifier in the third round. In the stands, Demers was the one to encourage the unknown. Finally, it came back from behind to win. She then reached the semi-finals. The best week of tennis of his career.

No false modesty at Demers: in Montreal, his presence helped Kucova play better. “Playful park” for 20 years, she has nothing of a coach. But as an assistant, it allows Kucova forget the perks distracting. And as a friend, it also allows him to forget a little … tennis.

Before their first practice together in Washington, Demers asked the athlete what his hobbies. “She started crying,” said the Quebec, met at his residence in Neufchatel. “She did not know. It was just, tennis, tennis, tennis. I think it takes a certain balance in everything in life, to be able to function well. ”

A “fragile” player

“[My role] is a bit of psychology. Ventilate to do, to make her speak, out emotions. And her mind off the evening when it’s over. Share a good supper, take a glass of wine, take a walk. It is not only to get to think a lot of business. ”

In Washington, Demers joined a “super fragile” player. “A little questioning phase, small sores that eventually heal over. I do not feel strong. “Kucova even considering sulk Montreal, but Demers convinces otherwise.

After Rogers Cup Demers allows Kucova taste to simple little pleasures, like to gather around a fire. “She had never made a fire out! We did three nights online, “she says.

It also acts as an advisor. Kucova wanted to take the necklace in New York. Demers suggested he participate in the tournament in New Haven the week before the Open of the United States. The Slovak has heard.

Their relationship seems strong. After his win against Bouchard, Kucova hugged Demers in the stands. Two childhood friends, would we swore. “We get along super well. We really values ​​that are very similar despite the different cultures. And this is a very smart girl. ”

Recent meeting

Their meeting far back as April 2014, during a round of the Fed Cup in Quebec City. Volunteer, Demers was then in charge of the Slovak team. She builds relationships with the players and their entourage. But no more.

Last April, Demers and Kucova intersect by chance the Charleston tournament, where the Quebec came to tour with her boyfriend. Demers then attend two victories of the Slovak, whose spectacular against Kateryna Bondarenko after having trailed 0-6, 0-2, 0-40. Since then, they keep in touch. Their true union has started a tournament in Washington in mid-July, and continued in Montreal.

New York will host their third meeting. The biggest. Despite his 77th place worldwide, Kucova must go through qualifying, starting on 23 August. It is his pre-Montreal ranking 121st, which account for the fourth Grand Slam of the season. Demers tasks there will always informal.

No contract is signed, no official title deserves. For now, it’s just a good friend. “I organize myself to make it easy for her. I take all the hassle, “she says.

Earnings before feelings

Kristina Kucova will not play in the National Bank Cup. Although her new friend lives in Quebec. And even if that friend is the spouse of the tournament director, Pierre-Luc Tessier.

Like what Geneviève Demers Kucova and do not let emotions dictate their sporting decisions. The absence of the Slovak thus explains: “It is an ordeal for her to play inside. And she does not like fast surfaces. She does not feel ready for this. Besides, it’s not a big waitress, “lists Demers.

Kucova therefore participate in both tournaments in Tokyo, a logical decision for the rest of his career. “Honestly, she would have liked better future Quebec …” In the hope of one day tread the courts of PEPS, it would also promised to work on his serve, Demers says, laughing. This holds also to emphasize: her boyfriend, a former coach, is not involved in the affairs of Kucova. “Completely was separated things. It’s important to say. There are no sub-coaching. ”

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