New driver license: fewer colors, more security

driver-licence(Quebec) The Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) on Wednesday presented the new driving license Quebecers. For added security, the official document is now made of polycarbonate and laser engraved picture of the driver is shown in black and white.

This is to make counterfeiting failure – it is not able to quantify – and because she had to renew the contract of his supplier that the SAAQ has modernized the presentation of the regular driver’s license, restricted, probationary , Driver and taxi driver apprentice.

Drivers now have their pictures displayed in black and white, which provides better resolution and therefore a clearer picture. Their birth date is embossed for tactile as much as visual authentication.

Similarly, the grooves were added to the document surface, made of polycarbonate, a type of polymer nearest Canadian dollar. A golden lily is prominently displayed at the top right and another, moiré that one, appears at the bottom of the picture when you move the license.

These additions make the paper one of the safest in the world and a unique model in North America, emphasized Wednesday Mario Vaillancourt, spokesman for the SAAQ. “The idea is that the person who has it in hand can easily identify that it is a true license,” he insisted.

Increased durability

The sustainability of the small rectangle will also be increased to allow the resumption of the photo to eight years even if the renewal is always done annually. The prototype was passed to the washer to the dryer and was bent 100,000 times in each direction without flinching.

It is the European firm Gemalto who won the public tender for the production of new driving licenses in the amount of $ 10.9 million over five years, the equivalent of $ 1.55 / piece. This is slightly less than the previous contract expired.

Production takes place in a small room at the headquarters of secure boulevard Jean-Lesage in Quebec City. The media have been exceptionally set foot yesterday and see how the new machines laser, similar to large printers. Almost everything is controlled by computer, only two people are needed to monitor the operations. A jealous care is given to the protection of personal information.

The first licenses were engraved embossed Tuesday and posted soon, so drivers will receive these days. For the citizen, no change in the procedure. Just go to take his picture, to pay the fees and manufacture locks the next day. The new license is received at home in less than 10 days.

There are about 5.2 million driving license holders in Quebec. About 1.7 million pieces are produced annually.

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