New grant application to the aquatic center in Granby

lors-seance-extraordinaire-tenue-mercrediDespite an initial refusal to grant the request she had received in February, Granby try his luck again with governments to obtain funding for its proposed aquatic center.

An extraordinary meeting on Wednesday morning in the town hall, the city council passed a resolution to introduce the proposed aquatic center at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in the New Building Fund Program Canada- Quebec, part of small communities Fund (CPF).

This follows the announcement on July 8, the addition of new categories of projects eligible for FPC, which include leisure facilities and sports. The Granby aquatic center project meets the criteria of this new program, does it confirmed. “When the program is launched, it will be the first to raise their hands”, said Mayor Pascal Bonin.

Financial aid, if granted, will cover two-thirds of the project costs estimated at $ 34 million, “the second largest project in the history of the city of Granby,” said Mayor. “It is sounds spot in the forecast, in terms of the costs of maturities,” said the chief magistrate.

In fact, after back taxes and the granting of government subsidies, the municipality will pay 10 million to build the aquatic center, a loan of twenty years which should result in an increase of $ 30 annually on account of taxes an average residence.

The construction is for its part still scheduled to begin in September 2017 Dubuc park. It is expected to take two years.

Repair of a dam postponed

Moreover, elected officials have chosen to delay by one year the rehabilitation of the lake dam on the Mount to receive a grant which will greatly alleviate the costs of the project.

Indeed, on 5 July, the provincial and federal governments announced the signing of a Canada-Quebec agreement on the Fund for drinking water and wastewater treatment (FEPTEU), whose criteria, however, not yet disclosed. Granby believes, however, be eligible for such assistance, which would cover up to 83% of the cost of work.

“The total of the rehabilitation of the dam bill would be two million, revealed Mr. Bonin. It intends to pay cash, but if 83% of the project could be paid by the program, it’s worth the wait. ”

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