New hacking the website of the City of Montreal

depuis-cette-nuit-moins-quatreThe site of the archives of the City of Montreal is currently hacked. Several texts in English on the American sports -without any link with the history of métropole- have appeared in recent hours.

The archive page typically provides information about the past of Montreal. The history of the name streets or parks. Pictures recalling the evolution of the city. But since that night, at least four texts on American sports have appeared, including the Pittsburgh Steelers football team. Ironically, the article combines this team rather basketball.

Element developer a note in Chinese appears at the end of each article to invite readers to read “related articles”.

This is not the first time a site linked to the City of Montreal is a victim of such piracy. In June, the web page of the Montreal Ombudsman had suffered a similar piracy. The “promotional offers” written in English had replaced the notes dealing with the problems faced by Montrealers to the city.

At the time of writing, the City of Montreal had not yet responded.

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