New injunction against the “fake doctor”

cyberpedophile-christian-blackburn-ete-condamne(Quebec) The “fake doctor” Jean-Paul Lavoie was denied by the superior Court to practice medicine until the 10th day following the end of all the proceedings against him.

The judge Denis Jacques of the superior Court upheld on Wednesday the motion for interlocutory injunction filed by the College of physicians. Jean-Paul Lavoie, who holds a clinic on the avenue Rodolphe-Forget Sillery, may not perform any act reserved to the medical profession, for example to diagnose.

Lavoie is facing five counts of illegal practice of medicine. In the past, he has already been convicted for the same offence twice. The follower of the alternative medicine branch of his patients on a machine bioresonance connected to a computer to analyze their state of health. According to Lavoie, the machine contains 200 therapies and can heal automatically. The criminal file of Jean-Paul Lavoie comes before the Court of Quebec on the 16th November.

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