New project for Stephane Ouellet

-mis-fin-aventureAfter an adventure of a little over a year, the project Cardio boxing club Stephane Ouellet closes. For the former boxer and dad recently, it is the beginning of a new chapter of his life.

Stephane Ouellet made the announcement late Wednesday night on the club’s Facebook page stating that the life called elsewhere, suggesting the same breath that things will be announced next week.

Joint Thursday afternoon, his agent and partner Claude MacKinnon confirmed that Stéphane Ouellet was at the heart of a new project. “There’s something else that’s coming,” he says, admitting that Jonquiérois was quick on the trigger to make the announcement of the closure, because of the emotion, he pleads . Claude MacKinnon can not give more details because it is not tied to 100%. When that is done, a press briefing will be organized to make everything public, probably next week.

“The club closes, but Stephane will stay involved in the world of boxing. We still have things to tie with stakeholders in the area of ​​Alma, “announced the right arm of Stéphane Ouellet.

“I can not speak for anyone else. This is a person who wants to work with Stéphane and I do not want to steal his punch. It will come out still pretty big and I want to be him who says, “he insists.

Last week, the joint Stephane Ouellet, Claudia Tremblay, gave birth to the couple’s first child, Emil. After two years very busy, including a last professional fight in September 2014, soon 45 years, so it became difficult for him to keep at arm the boxing club, explained Claude MacKinnon, ensuring that the local street sacred Heart would not reopen with Stephane Ouellet to head. “It does not mean that Stephane will not be involved with another club, but it became a bit heavy,” admitted the officer, adding that the joint Stephane Ouellet part of the new project.

“I can say that Stéphane will stay in boxing and that Claudia will bear it in there,” mentioned Claude MacKinnon, saying the club opened Project Cardio Stephane Ouellet had helped boost the world of boxing in the region particularly in the Lac-Saint-Jean, in addition to help organizations at charity gala last summer in Desbiens and Victoriaville. “There is great interest for Stéphane. It’s still an icon of boxing in Quebec. People knew he had a big heart and he wanted to help and he has demonstrated in recent years, “noted Claude MacKinnon.

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