New scandal at Mcdonald’s

mcdonalds-japan-ete-affecte-serieMcdonald’s announced on Friday that it launched an investigation in Japan after the complaint of a client injured by pieces of plastic found in a drink, the last of a series of scandals in the archipelago for the fast food chain american.

The group is said to have temporarily closed the establishment of Osaka where the incident occurred and have informed the 95 other chain offering in Japan, the same type of green tea latte hit that one sold for this client, who claims to have suffered cuts in the mouth.

Dozens of pieces of plastic were found in the drink, said a spokesman for AFP, adding that an instrument plastic used to prepare this iced tea could be at the origin of the problem. “This is only a hypothesis for now, but we believe that this plastic object fell into the blender used to make the tea hit,” he said.

Mcdonald’s Japan has been affected by a series of scandals, including the discovery of a human tooth in fries. It had also been found during the summer of 2014 as a chinese supplier, mixed expired meat with fresh meat, which had caused a drop in sales and led the group to turn quickly to a provider thai.

In April, Mcdonald’s had announced the plan to renovate 2000 of its 3,100 japanese restaurants and close to 130 with a reduction of staff in the key measure of savings. These ads were following a loss of 21.8 billion yen (€161 million) for 2014, the first loss in 11 years.

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