New series of strikes in the public sector on Monday

octobre-dernier-manifestants-avaientThe 400,000 public sector workers, members of the Inter-Union Common Front will begin Monday a second series of rotating strikes in order to reach a negotiated settlement with the government.

The unions decided to continue their pressure tactics, despite the new offers presented Friday by the Treasury Board. These offers have also been described as “window dressing” by union leaders.

All regions of Quebec will be hit alternately for two consecutive days, these rotating strikes in health systems and social services, education, higher education and the public service.

The president of the CSQ, Louise Chabot, says Minister Martin Coiteux seems not to have understood the message, indicating that workers will not let impoverish “to fund tax cuts for businesses and wealthier.” She says that if the government continues to turn a deaf ear, the Common Front will be willing to “speak up” in the coming weeks.

According to the president of the FTQ, Daniel Boyer, determination and mobilization of public sector workers in the first round walkout have certainly had an echo in Quebec City and forced the government to move. However, he added that what was on the table Friday is clearly insufficient to reach a negotiated agreement.

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