Neymar Suarez victim of jokes in training Barca

neymar-suarez-fc-barcelone-barca-blaguesThis is madness agreement between Barca players and it even sees to the training where Luis Suarez string of jokes about his favorite victim, Neymar.

“Who tough love”, it says how in Spanish? No need translation, just look at the drives of Luis Suarez and Neymar. The two members of the MSN are enough for Messi but when they find both, they are like two brothers whose father had forgotten to monitor. Simply put, they do not stop to look at shots of jokes , sometimes not very experienced. You probably remember the scene where Suarez had put the nerves to Neymar during a training session before the match of the Champions League against Manchester City. Bin Uruguayan has obviously a lot of ideas when it comes to finding the anthem of the Champions League as this is again illustrated when moving Catalans Glasgow Celtic on the lawn.

This time, Suarez was more subtle. While the thermometer should be very close to 0 ° C, he had the idea of dragging an ice cube under the pull of the Brazilian , who must have felt some extra thrills on the pitch of Celtic Park. In the process, the Uruguayan has bothered to lengthen his run to not suffer the reaction of his team-mate, not known to smile good heart when the victim of a joke so. Chance or coincidence, the two men are no longer as easily on the ground for several matches. Is this the joke too? How would you have reacted in place of Neymar?

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