Nicolas Pellerin renouera with Quebec

fred-abord-conteur-nicolas-abord(Quebec) After having lived an experience with his brother Fred on the Plains of Abraham at the Quebec City Summer Festival, Nicolas Pellerin renouera with the capital to the holiday season in New France. With Great Howlers Stephane Tellier and Simon Lepage, he will present his “electrotrad” August 6 at Artillery Park.

“The Plains, it was a wicked buzz!” He says spontaneously in a telephone interview with The Sun. “There were people without common sense and, in addition, people think that me and Fred, we made several shows together, but this is not the case. In fact, it was our first full show together since the days when we were playing together in bars when we were younger, “says he.

“Me and Fred did a record together 10 years ago, but we have not toured for this album. I’ve already done the first part, we Mile after mile with Celine, but apart from the Plains, never full show. And besides, there was the choir of Saint-Élie-de-Caxton, as a kind of Gallic village that landed at Quebec. It was unique. ”

For Nicolas Pellerin has no problem to be still, to some, “the brother of the other.” “My brother, what do you want me to do! He also launched a laugh, adding more seriously that it is the first admirer of Fred. “So it’s always a pleasure to be associated with him.”

Make a name

After three Felix, seven years with Great Howlers preceded by four with former Bottine Yves Lambert and his Bebert Orchestra, Nicolas Pellerin, however, begins to make a name.

“People come increasingly to see us because they know we do good music, not only because they are curious to see the brother of Fred. Even this year, at a festival in Joliette, a woman went to see Fred and asked him if it was true that he was the brother of Nico Pellerin! Say it once did, against 1.5 million times I ask myself if I am the brother of Fred! ”

If Fred is first storyteller and musician Nicolas First, the two brothers share a love of tradition, a tradition that Nicolas prides itself on serving in a modern style. “We freelancing in the public domain directory and is rearranged, it shatters the standards of trad”, he illustrates.

Sources of inspiration

To succeed, Nicolas Pellerin is fortunate to have access for 10 years to a traditional pieces of mine in the form of a collection of 911 songs recorded in Shawinigan, Shawinigan-Sud and Saint-Élie in the 60s, songs in which he draws his inspiration.

“I was given this collection and what is fantastic is I listen to the full three years and each time it poppe me songs that had not struck me the first time” , he explains.

Nicolas Pellerin can also count on his fans to provide new sources of inspiration. “Last summer, in Rivière-du-Loup, a lady came to my dressing room and she wrote the words to a traditional song in hand. She sang to me and I recorded with my cell, “he said, adding that similar situations are occurring more and more often.

Between the river and the woods and flower Lison, which appear on his latest album, are also two of the pieces that another lady has sung it in her dressing room after a show in Britain. “A special bond is created with her, she just brought into his world,” says Nicolas Pellerin.

During the same trip in the northwest of the Hexagon, Nicolas Pellerin also “laid hands” on Girls of the East, the guitarist Nicolas Breton Kervazo began to sing in the morning. “He started singing and that all Britons began to dance a traditional dance. I got chills. I asked permission to take over and fix it. ”

In search of Grand Slam
Four albums Nicolas Pellerin launched so far, only one has not won the Félix for Best Traditional Album: ¾ safe, published in November, and will be eligible for the next gala in October.

“I’m still on tour for this album, and when you know that my first two won a Félix, like the one I made with Fred, I cross my fingers for this year. I wish it fulfill the goals! “Illustrates the second Caxtonien best known in Quebec.

Fred and Nicolas in 2008, Nicolas Pellerin and Great Howlers in 2010 and the Golden grain in 2012 have indeed allowed Nicolas Pellerin to take home as many little golden statuettes.

The three now find themselves on the piano his grandmother now installed in his studio, a nice way to close the loop when you know the family history of Pellerin.

“That piano is the one on which my aunts played at all family partys when I was little. My grandmother died and when my aunt sold the house, it was I who inherited the piano, “says the artist who continues to revive the family tradition through his songs.

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