Nicolas Roy named captain

officiellement-devenu-jeudiYanick Jean has used its balance sheet to officially present the new captain of Chicoutimi, Nicolas Roy.

In the mind of general manager and head coach, the striker who will be making his fourth season with the organization next year represents all the values ​​that it is putting in place. “I spoke of overcoming, discipline and sense of belonging, is someone who meets these criteria perfectly,” praising Yanick Jean, recalling that the captain wears the colors of Sags since early his junior career after being acquired from Cape Breton Screaming Eagles. As there was no captain last season in Sags, Roy succeeds Laurent Dauphin who will finish the season in the NHL with the Phoenix Coyotes.

Asked about the time he had made the decision this season, Yanick Jean says that in light of the results of the test sociogram and discussions with various stakeholders around the organization, number 55 stood out, but that ‘there was no specific time. “We were confident in our choice in the end,” to entrust Yanick Jean.

“I’m not necessarily one that will stand up and speak in the dressing room, but lead by example and work hard,” expresses the main person who was not surprised to receive this vote of confidence from team leaders . “I knew that the leadership had to go through several leaders. The other two assistants, Frédéric Allard and Julien Carignan, have also shown excellent choice “noted Nicolas Roy.

The captain took notes during the last season and wants to live the same atmosphere in the dressing room next season with a very strong chemistry, the best since joining the Sags, he observed. “It is reflected on the ice, noted Nicolas Roy. It’s been three years that I am here. It really is a pride to play for the Sags. All players, we are proud. We want young people feel good about the team. ”

Player of the year

Nicolas Roy made double blow when Thursday. When 5-7 which officially put an end to the season, he was awarded the Player of the Year after his best production SFL career. It has once again succeeded former captain Laurent Dauphin. Roy exploded this season, reaching the target in 48 occasions for a total of 90 points.

Maltsev could be replaced

Yanick Jean will travel next week to the World Under 18 in Grand Forks, North Dakota to spy European players. He confirmed the return of striker Dmitry Zhukenov, but the future of defender Artem Maltsev with chicoutimienne organization is more nebulous. The situation of the team at the blue line could allow Yanick Jean to sacrifice for reinforcements in attack. “This is where I am torn. With four defenders 17 years, I calculate David Christmas will be with us next year and Louis-Philippe Simard, once we will analyze we will have seen what’s available on the market if is not better to enter an attacker, “to announce the DG Sags could exchange the Russian to another QMJHL training in June. He also confirmed having already received phone calls about it.

Looking for attack midget draft pick

After his stay in the United States, Yanick Jean will linger, with recruiters, preparation Midget Draft, which will take place in early June in Charlottetown. He will attend next month including the Midget Challenge in Montreal with the best hopes of Quebec and the Maritimes. It will then be looking for attack. “We really worked on the defensive in the last year, will now focus on the offensive. We want to get players who can play on our top two lines in a not very distant future, “to argue Yanick Jean.

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