Nine months in prison for abusing of “Agaguk”

pedophile-christian-villeneuve-ete-condamne(Quebec) A fake artist counselor who abused the credulity of a young boy and his family is assessed a sentence of nine months in prison for sexual contact.

March 1992. Yan (pseudonym), 12, of Quebec, receives call informing him that he was chosen to take the lead role in the movie Agaguk the naked child.

His work could earn him a seal between $ 200,000 and $ 250,000, a fortune for this impoverished family.

On the phone, the one that looks like a casting director warns parents that the child must be exercised in order to be comfortable with nudity.

Later that same day, Christian Villeneuve appears unexpectedly in the family and offer to help the boy, as he says, he has already recommended to other actors apprentices.

He began to invent a pursuit, where he plays the role of the hunter and the boy naked at the time, that of the prey.

Both run through the apartment and end up in the child’s room. Christian Villeneuve took the opportunity to masturbate the boy, who always believed in the game.

The aggression ceases when Yan’s sister enters the room.

The boy will wait in vain for several months calling the Agaguk production.

Christian Villeneuve pleaded guilty in May to have had sexual contact with this child.

The Christian Boulet judge imposed a prison sentence of nine months in prison, insisting “ploy thought” mounted by the accused 65.

The Crown recommended a sentence of two years less a day while the defense campaigned for a term of three months.

Christian Villeneuve will also be on probation for three years after his release from prison.

The pedophile has already been sentenced to 36 months in prison in 2011 for sexual assaults on a young boy in the 80s.

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