Nintendo Switch already available for pre-order

nintendo-nintendo-switch-photo-design-avatarWhile the new Nintendo Switch is only announced for early next year, you can already pre-order the.
If we like the Coca-Cola Gaming, you planned to pre-order as soon as possible your Nintendo Switch , just to avoid the probable shortages that hit the world necessarily in March 2017, this is now possible. Indeed, the English site Gameseek now offers book your Nintendo Switch for the sum of 233 euros. Even provisional price but that seems to be good, since few other retailers seem to have aligned this amount. No panic for the skeptics, the site guarantees that if the price rises meantime, buyers will not have to shell out more money. It therefore seems difficult to imagine that the final price will be higher than indicated. The opportunity to enjoy new titles and portages will be available at launch of the Nintendo Switch .

Indeed, Gameseek seems rather well informed , and the dealer will certainly not risk losing a large sum of money on every Nintendo sold Switch. While this information is in no way an official confirmation from Nintendo, so we suspect that the price will not exceed 230 euros when it was released. For that price, we doubt that many pre-orders will be recorded, and the console may soon be out of stock before Christmas, as is the case for the NES Classic Mini, but also the PS VR Pro and PS4 , and all the biggest hit of this season. Will you crack and pre-order the console before its release?

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