Niqab: Trudeau would end the dispute government

justin-trudeauThe Harper government is going too far and bullied minority rights by trying to force women to lend oath discovered face, said Justin Trudeau. A Liberal government would end the dispute judgment invalidating a directive to this effect.

Earlier this week, the government saw the courts reject his appeal against the judgment of the Federal Court last February that invalidated the ministerial directive banning women from taking the oath being veiled. Earlier today, Prime Minister Harper confirmed that he would ask the suspension of judgment.

“I am appalled to see how far the government is willing to go to prevent a single woman to vote on October 19. It’s irresponsible, “criticized Justin Trudeau. This ensured that a Liberal government would end the dispute process, claiming to be in favor of the protection of minority rights.

“It is not a question of identification, it is a symbol of question. And for me the symbol that must have the confidence – and this is more than a symbol – that is the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, “said Justin Trudeau.

Unworthy Statement

The Liberal leader is also a declaration of income Harper in Thursday night’s debate where he refers to the Canadian-born, the “old-stock Canadians”. “He still has to prove he does not believe that a Canadian is a Canadian. This is not only insulting, it’s dangerous for the country we want to build. This is not worthy of a prime minister, “he denounced.

Trudeau not worried by polls

Back in Montreal after a debate in western countries, Justin Trudeau said he was not worried about the results of a CROP poll in his riding of Papineau indicating that it is in trouble.

“I’m anxious to see the NDP candidate trying to explain to people of Papineau in his door-to-door that his party will not help immediately, but maybe in two or three terms, if Thomas Mulcair is reelected. This is not what people want Papineau. ”

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