No BAPE the Port of Quebec

apres-plusieurs-mois-pourparlers-difficiles(Quebec) The Environment Minister David Heurtel and the Port of Québec agreed to put in the hands of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency Beauport the expansion 2020. The public is invited, by September 9, to submit his first comments.

After months of talks, sometimes difficult, between the Port of Quebec and the Government Couillard, the solution was found on July 31, but went unnoticed. The Port has agreed that his project be subject to an independent environmental assessment, but not the public hearings on the environment (BAPE) Quebec, such as the minister claimed Heurtel.

“Minister is satisfied with the agreement, because it will allow the Quebec government to participate in a process that is independent and collaborative, and highlight the concerns of the Quebec population,” argued Tuesday his press secretary William Bérubé .

Yet on 14 July, the Minister repeated that the BAPE Heurtel eventually put his nose in the Port projects. “The Minister has always spoken of a BAPE when the Port was talking to its own environmental analysis. There, we reached an agreement, an analysis that will be independent, so one does not will split the process, “explains Mr. Bérubé.

The Minister said Heurtel be highly concerned about three points of this expansion project: the air quality, the marine ecosystem, and treatment of hazardous materials.

To keep an eye on these issues, experts from the Ministry of the Environment should work hand in hand with those of the Canadian government, under the Collaboration Canada-Quebec Agreement on Environmental Assessment, which was signed in 2010. This is, however, the Canadian Agency who is master of the record and schedule.

At the port of Quebec, welcomes this agreement. “This is the process that is most satisfying for both parties,” said spokeswoman Marie-Andrée Blanchet. “We think this is the best forum for the public to talk about these issues then outside the judicial debate,” adds Ms. Blanchet.

Always file in court

Recall that the Quebec government and the Port of Quebec are in court right now to determine whether the Quebec Quality Act environmental applies to this federal entity.

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency has already established the broad outlines of what she wants to study in this project. It will examine among others the impact of the addition of a dock 610 meters, the redevelopment of the beach of the Bay of Beauport and the management of waste, cargo residues and hazardous materials. It is not yet known if the project will be public hearings or whether citizens will be asked to respond in writing only.

Sure thing, they may do so at least three times during the whole process should take between one and two years. Those interested can obtain more information about the project and comment on , by searching with the project number 80107.

The Port of Québec Beauport believes his project in 2020, which will take five years to build, will create 1100 permanent jobs and $ 100 million in economic benefits. The federal government itself has already provided a grant of $ 60 million on July 10. The elected officials of the City of Québec may enjoy their questions to the leaders of Port during a full committee promised for the fall.

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