No second surgical team in the plans

hopital-chicoutimiThe leaders of the university center integrated health and social services (CIUSSS) of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean are not considering the short and medium term, the possibility of installing a second team operating on weekends to Chicoutimi hospital to meet the busy schedule.

Marc-Antoine Tremblay of the CIUSSS communications department, said that the exceptional situation of the weekend of March 12 and 13 in orthopedics could not justify such a decision.

During this weekend, the department was left with 19 cases at the Chicoutimi hospital, most patients who were injured in a road accident, a fall on ice or for various other reasons.

Lack of time

The team in place needed Friday evening and Saturday days, Sunday and Monday to meet demand and carry out operations. Faced with the impossibility of having a second surgical team, hospital staff ran out of time and had to send at least two cases at the Alma hospital.

“We have already done the analysis in the past. The relevance had not been demonstrated. We currently have the right line and the right protocol. This does not prevent us from continuing to question our practice. But for now, there is no real change, “says Marc-Antoine Tremblay.

“If the situation occurs again, we probably would proceed as we did last week, transferring patients to Alma. Especially that our network is bigger now, which allows us to do so. We must not forget that this was an exceptional situation. Some cases have been packed. There were operations until Monday, “admits Mr. Tremblay.

Second team requested

Nevertheless, according to information obtained, the members of the operating team in place made a request to install a second operating team. This would have been required to respond to all emergencies in orthopedics.

Some people have argued that the second team has been formed due to budget cuts imposed by the Ministry of Health of Quebec

“We had a team on site child. We tried to have a second, but we have not been able to meet three operating room nurses, an anesthetist, a surgeon and a respiratory therapist. It was not a question of budget, it was more a matter of human resources, “the spokesman CIUSSS.

Reportedly, some stakeholders would love a second team can be set up on weekends to meet customer needs.

In addition to the guard team, we want the leaders set criteria to ensure open a second room when necessary.

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