No trauma

victimes-magogois-grenadiersAre you stunned by the presence of Magog Cantonniers in the 40th final in the history of the Quebec Midget AAA League? If you answer yes in just relying on the fifth position of the regular season a team, we will not make you big eyes to think so. But if you have been blessed to follow Magogois in the series, you’re certainly not traumatized to know they are four wins of the Jimmy Ferrari-cut.

Because teenagers are smoking Felix Potvin in these series. Especially since the quarterfinal round after a first transition harder against the Blizzard du Séminaire St-François in the second round.

If you have forgotten, the last two victims Magogois are named the Chateauguay Grenadiers and Gauls Antoine-Girouard, who were respectively the defending champions Baillargé circuit and Champions Challenge CCM played in December . This is far from trivial.

How to explain this sudden transformation? First, I do not teach you by telling you that all coaches have the ambition to take their team to the top when it counts, that is to say in the series. This is exactly what happens in Cantonniers. Not only they have needed only a contest of more than the minimum of six to a cleansing against Châteauguay and Antoine-Girouard, they have also downgraded their rivals 34-13 in terms of goals. A rule that can not even be challenged. Defensively speaking, Cantonniers are intractable against the best pointers opposing teams. William Lemay, Félix Bibeau, Mathieu Desgagnés, William Lemay-Champagne David and Christmas are five dangerous markers that Magogois have had to face and overcome since the beginning of the series. These five skaters totaled 108 regular season goals. Faced with Cantonniers postseason, they succeeded in one. A staggering statistic that speaks volumes about the commitment of 20 players.

Great art

On the ice, player confidence is unwavering. The colors-door training magogoise not even have been shaken when their star goalkeeper Alex D’Orio was knocked out in the first period of the third game of the series against the Gauls and Justin Blanchette, only 15 years, came to the rescue. It’s been a few players who say they rely on the best tandem of guards in the league. Their words do not ring true, believe me. Must admit that events give them absolutely right.

It could also advance their rage to win indisputable and a performance that nears perfection. Some enthusiasts emphasized to me that the keeper Zachary Bouthillier Gauls, one of the best Baillargé circuit, was ordinary against Magog. The truth is that the poor could not do anything before the anthology pieces unfolding before his eyes. The ho! and ha! rang out in the stands before the masterpieces signed by local players. The goal of Felix Meunier orchestrated by Jakob Breault and Olivier Mathieu on Saturday is the kind of game that would be broadcast in the games of the year on the small screen. Tic Tac Toe and and it was in the back of the net.

One can also add that Cantonniers spoil their supporters since the start of hostilities. They won each of their series on their ice and show what they offer! The best area for these times and do not see chauvinism from me. All that for $ 7!

I tell you of Lions du Lac St-Louis in the coming days, but just for fun, did you realize that if Cantonniers put their hands on the coveted trophy, it would mean they would have eliminated three teams their division (Tacks), the most powerful league in the series? What a journey it would be!

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