No worries at the cabin despite the mercury rising

hausse-pourraient-ecourterThe sugar season in full swing region. Above all garnished plates and syrup boxes, there’s the hard work of maple syrup. In the work for some time, they must cope with the vagaries of the weather.

According to Environment Canada, the mercury should not go below zero during the nights next week, a necessary condition for the production of maple syrup. plus rising temperatures could even shorten the sugar season 2016. If the forecasts may seem alarming, it is reassuring from the side of the sugar bush owners in the region.

“It is not alarming, it’s not as if it was 15 degrees with the big sun during the day. Temperatures rafraichissent enough to prevent the trees are budding, “said Jean-Francois Laplante, owner Érabilis sugar shack located in North Hatley.

For him, the season has just begun. The first castings have found their way early last week.

Further west, in the maple grove The Whisper of spring, Pierre Cormier began to harvest the sap from the beginning of February. nature optimistic, it remains confident before the forecasts of meteorologists.

“Two or three nights without freezing it is not catastrophic, but it takes a bit cold then. The weather the next 14 days is very encouraging, mercury will go down after the nice weather of this week. Yes there was a lot of sun during the weekend, but I have confidence that it will run well, “said Pierre Cormier.

And before the grass that is gaining ground in the snow, he replied: “The fact that there is more snow, it’s not very serious. This makes a nice cold reserve, it helps to freeze over, but we can do without. My grandfather always said the snow is far buds. If the buds have to go out, it’s not the snow 50 feet below that will make a difference, “says Pierre Cormier.

“Cold Sweets”

Side Érablière Mégantic, the water has not yet begun to wet the boilers, but this is not something unusual.

“We are what we call a cold candy, which means that we are located further north, we see less sun. If only two degrees and there is a little wind factor, it will not sink, “says Renee Lacombe, owner.

If the mercury rising displeases some and please others, the same story resonates with all producers.

“The season is very early and the water is very sweet. There is an old saying that when the water is not sweet, it lasts long. It’s to do. For now the sugar is 1.8% so it takes 48 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup is a lot, “said Pierre Cormier.

“Usually, we talk about 25 gallons of sap to one gallon of syrup,” says Lacombe.

All producers are confident they will achieve their targets for the current season and they want to add the syrup is especially tasty this year.

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