Noise: deciding vote in Saint-Lambert

maire-alain-depatie-propre-aveuElected St. Lambert must decide tonight if they continue the legal battle they are waging against the City of Montreal so that it reduces the sound concerts at Parc Jean-Drapeau.

But just talk to the mayor of this municipality of the South Shore of Montreal to find that the battle, which cost about $ 200,000 so far, is likely to continue. “It’s 4-4 to the board at this time,” said Alain Dépatie when La Presse met him yesterday.

But when the elected are in a situation of equality, it is the mayor who decides. The same mayor who, by his own admission, leads one of his biggest political battles with the sound of history.

“If we abandon the proceedings, I will be disappointed. I live in the sector concerned, “he said.

A new request sent to Mayor Coderre

After the Superior Court refused to send a judge in Saint-Lambert to see the devastation caused by the noise, it’s been the turn of the mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, to decline the invitation of Mayor Dépatie Thursday. Friday morning, an official request was sent to the metropolis.

Press did not expected much to cross the St. Lawrence River.

Saturday night, in the Faith No More concert at Heavy MTL, the noise was barely noticeable along the sea. Yesterday afternoon, the wind brought more noise on the south bank of the river.

“The prevailing winds are towards the northwest or southeast, and it creates a corridor,” said the mayor, who took us to the Seaway Park, 1.1 km from the site where took place the Benefits of Heavy MTL.

From time to time, the sound of low frequencies, or even a few words were noticeable. But there was nothing to push up to 68 dB sound level meter, as it’s been the case last year, where SNC-Lavalin measured sound pressure at St. Lambert on behalf of the municipality.

There was not, either, what convinced the mayor of Montreal to review the regulation that imposes no decibel limit evenko, the promoter of Osheaga and Heavy MTL ÎleSoniq.

Looking for a deal

“My efforts may have served some purpose!” Said Alain Dépatie laughing, when we pointed out to him that the noise level seemed acceptable. Wind direction, and that the time for concerts, however, can greatly affect the strength of the sound and the level of irritation in Saint-Lambert, he said. “It happens in the eating dessert out and we must shout to talk,” he argued.

“If it was always like today [yesterday], there would be no pursuit,” he said. “I would have liked an agreement of good neighborliness. We do not want to cancel the shows, “he assured. “It’s like a neighbor who made a party. Once in there. But for 12 weekends until midnight, it’s a lot, “he illustrated.

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