Non-simulated sex in cinema: to change the rules in France?

love-gaspar-noeThe Culture Minister Fleur Pellerin promised to “change” the regulation that prohibits minors all films containing scenes of “non simulated sex” after the recent ban by Justice of the film Love Gaspar Noé at age 18 .

Justice had been seized by the Promoting Association, which has been successful against the opinion of the classification panel that recommended a ban for under 16.

For the Minister, the association “close to the extreme right” has done so because “we have a regulation that provides that any film that shows non-simulated sex scenes should be prohibited under 18”.

“It will change,” commented the minister invited the Petit Journal on Canal +. “We thought with the people responsible for classifying films for how to change things, respecting the protection of minors.”

“It’s a bit the same problem that the attacks against the work of Anish Kapoor, a form of return to the moral order and issue of creative freedom,” she added, referring to criticism against this monumental sculpture at the obvious sexual connotations exhibited in the park of Versailles. This sculpture was again covered with antisemitic graffiti this weekend.

The minister announced last week it would bring an action for the Council of State against the decision of the Administrative Court forbidding Love to age 18.

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