North Korea: Kim Jung-ordered a new nuclear test

leader-nord-coreen-kim-jongThe North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has ordered to conduct further trials to test miniaturized nuclear warheads developed, according to him, by scientists from his country, said Friday the official news agency KCNA.

On the occasion of a ballistic missile which he attended Thursday Kim Jong-un stressed the importance of doing “more nuclear tests to evaluate the destructive power of newly manufactured nuclear warheads” by North Korea , according to KCNA.

On Wednesday, the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had assured that his country had succeeded in miniaturizing nuclear warheads that can be placed on a ballistic missile, creating a “real” nuclear deterrence had KCNA reported.

The newspaper’s single ruling party, Rodong Sinmum, had published a photograph of Kim posing in front of a metallic spherical object, believed to be one of the heads in question.

According to KCNA, the firing of ballistic missiles short range Thursday, which crossed each 500 kilometers before crashing in the East Sea, also called the Sea of ​​Japan, were part of an exercise against nuclear attack to defend invasive forces.

The aim was to simulate the conditions of an “explosion of warhead from a predetermined altitude above targets in ports under enemy control aggressive foreign forces.”

This exercise was clearly a reaction to the joint exercises conducted by South Korean and US forces began on Monday, the largest ever in the Korean peninsula, which Pyongyang had threatened to respond with nuclear strikes “blind”.

These annual exercises between the two allies systematically aggravate tensions between North and South.

Looking at the fiscal year, Kim Jong-un reiterated an immediate threat of nuclear attack if the joint exercises “going into the war” in South Korea and the United States were undermining not least “a single tree or a blade of grass” on north Korean soil.

“I immediately give the order to launch an attack with all military means” available, he launched.

Tensions on the peninsula have only worsened since the fourth North Korean nuclear test in January, followed by a long-range rocket launch last month.

The UN Security Council has dramatically increased the international sanctions regime the most isolated in the world.

On Thursday, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged North Korea to “cease its destabilizing actions.”

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