The North Wind will blow up Rock Forest

recherches-pour-trouverThe North Wind will blow from the west of Sherbrooke to the delight of the Rock Forest area beer lovers.

After “long search” to find the perfect place, Ratthe Nicolas, owner of “Beer Depot” the North Wind, will open a second store specializing in sales of microbrewery beers.

Mr. Ratthé joins Emile Cardinal Bernier, training sommelier and consultant for two years at North Wind, a business located downtown.

future store will open under the banner of the North Wind in the Mi-Vallon area on the boulevard Bourque, Nicolas Ratthé ad.

“The western Sherbrooke beer lovers now have a selection of beer more than ever at their fingertips,” he says.

“I think for at least two years. I am proud to launch this project with someone internally. ”

The date of the official opening will be announced soon, added the businessman who wants to keep some secrets.

there can be found a “huge choice of Quebec beers breweries spread in a refrigerated space. A loyal team of advisers will find it at any time for you to discover beers from Quebec and advise you in your choice of beers and agreements. ”

“The service is an important pillar of a microbrewery beer store; this is what makes people come back to us so often. ”

The concept drawn up on the Belvedere Street North will evolve, adds Nicolas Ratthe, who does not want too much away at the moment, as the amount invested.

This young enthusiast beer and Quebec terroir provides for at least three jobs will be created.

In addition to beer, there will offer a selection of food local beers accompanied by suggestions to give, he wrote on his Facebook page, however. The new North Wind will present a selection of soft drinks, ciders and kombucha.

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