Northern Studies: Laval University receives a grant of $ 98 million

reputation-universite-laval-etudes-nordiques(Quebec) Laval University touches the biggest in its history research grant. She has just been awarded the impressive sum of $ 98 million for research in the North.

The institution of Sainte-Foy and affects a large share of Apogee Canada program, which injects $ 350 million in five major scientific projects in the country.

“It is the largest research grant in the history of Laval University. It will consolidate our international positioning in the North, “said the Vice-President Éric Bauce interview Sun Friday.

The reputation of Laval University in northern studies is more to do. Its researchers are studying this sensitive territory for 50 years from an environmental perspective, climate, economic and social, and from that of the health of indigenous populations.

The imposing grant of $ 98 million for seven years will not only give oxygen to researchers, she will create North Sentinel research strategy.

This vast project, which brings together researchers from fifteen universities in the world, consists in the Northern analysis with advanced technologies, primarily light with optics-photonics and neurophotonics. Sensors will be used to probe the vast territory and the data collected will be analyzed and, ultimately, to predict the effect of climate change on populations.

North Sentinel also has twenty private companies, including large national players like the National Optics Institute (INO), but also international giants like Airbus.


The Laval University project that received the support of the federal program selection committee is distinguished by its multidisciplinary said Eric Bauce.

“Not only in terms of research and technology of light. Sentinel involves social scientists, in transportation, power, “he listed.

The light-related technologies will have a variety of applications, ranging from food contaminated sensing for assessing the impact of thaw on greenhouse gases.

The work of researchers known as Yves De Koninck, director of research center of the university integrated health and social services in the Capitale-Nationale, Marcel Babin, holder of the Canada Excellence Research Chair on Remote Sensing of the new frontier Arctic or the team of Louis Fortier, the famous research icebreaker Amundsen, are in on it.

North Sentinel will also recruit thirty new teachers and improve student training varied fields, notes Eric Bauce.

He also stressed that the project has great collaboration with local indigenous populations, particularly with the Council of the Crees and the Nunavut government. “We could not do this research without the local communities with us. They help us to define guidelines, “said he said.

The Vice-Rector of Université Laval does not hide that this amount is good for his institution at a time when there is much talk of cuts in academia. “It shows that whatever the economic conditions, we must continue to develop the research,” he said.

The grant of $ 350 million is the first tranche of the federal funds Apogee a total of $ 1.5 billion. A second phase of the contest was launched on Friday and more funding will be announced in 2016.

Other projects funded by the Fund Apogee Canada
$ 114 million

University of Toronto

Project: “customized medicine”. Search on creating

cells, tissues and organs.

$ 66.5 million

University of British Columbia

Project: “Quantum Materials and technologies of the future.” Research for the design of computer and electronic devices.

$ 37.2 million

University of Saskatchewan

Project: “Designing custom cultures.” Genomics research in agriculture for safety

Global food.

$ 33.5 million

University of Sherbrooke

Project: “From quantum science to quantum technology.” Research tools of advanced computer technologies.

Source: Research Excellence Fund Apogee Canada

What they said
“We already have a no worse machine. There, we put the gas in it. ”

-The Vice-President Éric Bauce about the recognized expertise of Université Laval in Northern Studies

“The selection of our Apogee Canada Sentinelle Nord project enshrines the status of head of filede Laval University in research. It agitd’une invaluable recognition crowning years of work. ”

-Denis Brière, Rector of Université Laval

“Our government has established a special relationship with northern communities […] The benefits of this project will have a positive and lasting impact on the health and well-being of Canadians. ”

-Ed Holder, Minister of State, Science and Technology

“The strategy Sentinel Nordaura a profoundly human character by articulating its axesde research around climate change impacts well-being Surle.”

– Yves De Koninck, director of the university SearchFrom Integrated Centre for health and social services in the Capitale-Nationale

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