Number of students: war of numbers at UQAM

studentThe output of the rector of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), who said last week a decline of 5.3% of the requests for admission, is a “scam”, said the employees ‘ Union of the students of the institution, the SÉTUE.

The decline in applications for admission, assigned by the rector Robert Proulx to the crisis student last spring, has not translated into a decrease of the inscriptions, was held to clarify the SÉTUE.

However, it is “based on the number of enrolled and not to requests for admission, as the university receives its funding,” said the union.

Last week, the rector Proulx has been suggested that the decline in enthusiasm for the UQAM would be detrimental to the finances, which is already in bad, of the university.

“There may be a decline in applications for admission, but it has no impact on enrollment,” said the head of communications and engagement SÉTUE, Annabelle Sirois. The union, which claims to have obtained the lists of members of the university, has denounced the use of half-truths by the rector, going so far as to describe this practice of”scam”.

“It seems that the authority has, intentionally or not, maintained a confusion between these two terms [requests for admission and registration],” said the SÉTUE.

Contract employees without new

In addition, contract employees were notified last week, by email, that their contracts could not always be confirmed. “You are not without knowing that the UQAM, like other institutions, is facing “trouble” financial,” wrote an employee of the university administration.

A week of the term, contract employees, and warned are still without news.

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