“The nurse babies” gets praise, but no money dragons

marie-fortierThough she has defended her project, the nurse Sherbrooke Marie Fortier could not convince the issuance of investors in the eye of the dragon to board the project.

“The nurse babies” was seeking $ 125,000 for 20 percent of its business My prenatal classes. Marie Fortier, perinatal nurse, founded a web platform dedicated to coaching in prenatal care.

Monday night, Ms. Fortier explained the benefits of its website before the dragons Serge Beauchemin, Gilbert Rozon, Mitch Garber, Martin-Luc Archambault and Daniele Henkel. She even proclaimed “The Ricardo babies”!

Recall that “The nurse babies” became known for two and a half years by offering prenatal classes on the web. Recently, we learned that she was taking the free turn on MarieFortier.com. Ms. Fortier, with 28 years of experience perinatal, realizes his dream to share its expertise with the greatest number of families of the Francophonie.

Dragons Henkel and Garber said they were excited about the site, including its humanitarian character, but they did not see how they could invest.

Last week, two Estriens had managed to seduce Dragons Here CBC. At only 17, Julien Trudeau-Perron of Val-Joli, attracted attention with his company Tea Du Gouin. So he could continue his studies, he was offered a loan of $ 10,000.

For its part, Andrée-Anne Perreault, Kingsey Falls, also seduced investors. The young woman from Racine near Valcourt accepted the offer of Mr. Beauchemin, or what she asked by appearing on stage, $ 27,000 for 15 percent of its business Dahlia Wrap.

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